I’m baaaaaaaaaaack

Denver, you thought you chewed me up like tobacco and spat me all the way to Oakland, CA. Washed your dirty camping hands with Purell of me, cast me out like a fly thingy with a feather- Well screw you! I’m over hipsters and crime and overpriced housing. I’m in Denver and ready to bitch! Some call me hater, some call me unappreciative, some call me crazy, but I call myself a straight talker.  I will be reporting on fun stuff to do in Denver if you hate it. Which you probably don’t because you live here and love it. But for those of you that are like WTF Cow Town? I am here to help you navigate and grow to love this burg.  I thought it really sucked here, but now, I kinda like it. On the real tip, if you don’t like jokey negativity, then this blog is NOT for you.If you don’t want to hear shit talking about white people then you better keep on cruisin to some snowboard site.  You can suck it- but for people who like vegan shit, and meat shit, and shopping, and puppies and getting drunk in a classy way- I’m your cowgurl. Get ready cuz I’m about to BITCH.


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