Where can I get a good bagel in this Fu&%$#! Cow Town?

When my darling mother came for a visit,

Mom Dukes & Me

Mom Dukes & Me

I was still pregnant and  craving a NY bagel in a major way. She had shipped us bagels from Zabar’s but they were BUNK. Apparently,  for the shipping,  they get made at some crappy bagel factory and taste like they were made at some crappy bagel factory.

Looks good. Tastes terrible.

Looks good. Tastes terrible.


On our way to the Denver Botanical Gardens for the Chihuly exhibit (which you should definitely check out of if you like THINGS THAT ARE AWESOME) I said, “Hey let’s try this bagel place I saw next to the Monaco Inn. They might be good. But probably not.” Since I was all hormonal and crazed my mother said, “Sounds wonderful” even though I am pretty sure she was thinking, “Pfft a good bagel in Denver, you can barely find a good bagel in NY anymore.” My  mother hates  how gigantic bagels have gotten, and always orders them scooped out and when I am obsessing about my weight I do as well.  When I’m not, I just scarf down the whole carbolicious thang.  To make a long story short(TOO LATE!) we tried the bagel and pronounced it “bagel like” as in, it actually tasted like a bagel. Not like crappy bread with a hole in it. Ever since that fateful day when I want a bagel I head over to The Bagel Store, where everyday is a Challah day.

Where Everyday is a  Challah Day!

Where Everyday is a Challah Day!  

And the staff is soooooooo nice. They even gave me a chocolate rugelach while I waited for the everything bagels to come out of the oven.


yummay & free for me

Everyone knows you can’t get a good bagel outside of New York, BUT if you are now living outside of NY in Denver and you are craving a bagel and no one is coming to visit you with a bag of bagels in their suitcase, take your bubble butt to The Bagel Store. Then slap some lox on it(and Vegan Trader Joe’s Cream Cheese if you can’t do dairy) and have yourself a nice Sunday brunch. On Thursday. 1-photo (9)





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