The Taylor Anderson Story

In yet another effort to get back out into the world  Husband and I went to the Rocky Mountain JET(Japanese Exchange & Teaching Program) Alumni Association event last evening. The event was held at Domo, Denver’s best Japanese restaurant. If you like Japanese food just go there, I don’t even need to review the restaurant. Just go.

We had a delicious dinner(sashimi donburi for me, beef and salmon teriyaki for Husband) followed by a screening of the Taylor Anderson Story, a film about a young JET participant who lost her life in the tsunami in March, 2011. The film was very well done and so moving, I felt compelled to compliment the director Regge Life(who was there for the screening) during the post viewing Q&A.  I was moved to tears just telling him what a beautiful film it was and how they really captured Taylor’s life, her love of Japan and the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami.

The film also gave such an accurate portrayal of the JET Program itself, and brought back many memories for me. I was on JET in 2006-2007 and my experience had its ups and downs. Living in rural Japan has its trials and tribulations and my dirty south friends can all attest to my bitching but nonetheless,  I am so thankful for being able to have had such a unique experience and to have met so many wonderful people. I really encourage you to see the film if you haven’t and if you have- to encourage others to see it, perhaps by organizing a screening event or ordering the film for your library. Here’s a link to the official website and below the trailer, it was  sad,  but it was also uplifting and really honors Taylor’s life. 


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