The Things We Do For Love or My Husband is in a Car Club

The first time my husband invited me to one of his car club events was soon after we had started dating. Husband is the proud owner of a Hillman Imp. Which I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard of, but it looks like this-

The Imp & Me wooing  Husband HARD in that outfit. (2011)

The Imp & Me wooing Husband HARD in that outfit. (2011)

The car club event was the annual Christmas party and for some reason I thought it was going to be like this:

How I imagined a Car Club Party

How I imagined a Car Club Party







But…my general impression was more this:

We sure love our old timey cars!

We sure love our old timey cars!

This past Saturday morning Husband thought it would be good for me to get out of the house. Since the miscarriage I have been unable and also unwilling to socialize with close friends or family, but for some reason it’s easier when people don’t know or don’t know me well , i.e. going to the Taylor Anderson Story Film Screening.

His Club was having their annual drive and Mexican Fiesta. Now don’t get it twisted, I LOVE my husband and I love that he has hobbies and interests but the average age of the car club members (if you take us out of the calculation) is like, 70. So I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be going. But I was assured there would be wine(that’s how all Husband’s bribes start with me, “There’ll be booze!) and he has been BEYOND wonderful to me so I sucked it up and said, “Sure”.

Turned out to be a good idea actually (you can read more about the emotional side on in my column about conceiving called The Conception Diaries). We arrived promptly at 9:00 AM at the host’s house for the drive. Husband was adamant about being on time; I didn’t even get to eat breakfast because,  “WE CANNOT BE LATE. These people are old, they will be on time, they’ve been up for like four hours already.” I got into the party mood by wearing this hat:


We couldn’t actually drive the Imp because it was way too hot for it’s “health” and the route for the drive was too mountainous. But we were happy  enough in Husband’s “Hello Ladies” ride:

Hello Ladies: Stephen Merchant as Stuart. Photo: Sky

Hello Ladies: Stephen Merchant as Stuart. Photo: Sky





Riding in the 96 BMW that  Husband loves  so deeply.

Riding in the 97*BMW that Husband loves so deeply











But I have to admit, these oldsters:

Husband with a couple of  his old cronies.

Husband with a couple of his old cronies.








Had some sweet roadsters:

Isn't she dreamy?

Isn’t she dreamy? Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Model

Lean Green Machine

Lean Green Machine Sunbeam Alpine

Rawrrr Tigers!  Husbands

Rawrrr Sunbeam Tigers! (Husband’s Hello Ladies in black- back right)

The drive was a delight featured here for 6 seconds for your viewing pleasure.  We took the Peak to Peak highway to Golden Gate Canyon and stopped in Nederland at the Blue Owl before heading back for the Mexican Fiesta.

blue owl

Adorable Blue Owl Books & Coffee & Ice Cream

As for the following fiesta, well I felt weird about taking out my iPhone in that crowd(didn’t want them to burn me as a witch**) so I didn’t take any pictures, and it felt like I had to pay a lot of attention to be polite, like being at your grandparents house if you know what I mean. Food was hell of good tho’, posole, green chile, enchiladas, tostadas with all the fixins… followed by several crazy delicious pies.  The hostess had like 5 crock pots going. And they were all hers. That’s a lot of crock.

I’m not into cars, but I’m into my husband and I’m glad he got to enjoy his old crew and love on their cars.  There is however, one car that my  father-in-law had a couple years back that I did dig…he has since sold it, but let it live on in this picture and our memories.

The Sweet Sweet Minx

The Sweet Sweet Minx  


*Husband was pissed that I made the mistake of calling it a 96 BMW and I had to edit this post.

**That is a joke, cuz they were so old. But I don’t want to be mean,  everyone was super nice and I’m glad modern technology allows them all to get so many surgeries. That they talked about.










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