All About my First World Luxuries In a Time of Personal Sorrow

Well I’m still in a funk and not getting a lot of fun time in because I had some complications from my miscarriage which you can read about over on at the Conception Diaries. That’s a sad old read but long story short, had to have a second D&C which put the kibosh  on any fun dining, drinks or activity. But I did do one activity today besides wonder what my cleaning ladies think of this painting Husband bought in San Fran.IMG_2529.JPG

It’s not a real Banksy and yes, that’s Hitler. If you wanna know about that story you can read about it here on Boing Boing.  But yeah we own that art, because Husband had to have it. Useful piece of work for me though, “Sorry baby, those boots, I HAD TO HAVE THEM, just like your Nazi painting*.”

Anyway, hopefully I will be finishing up a real opus on Stapleton when I am feeling a bit better but in the meantime I would like to share one of the delightful businesses here in Stapleton that I frequent.  1-Fullscreen capture 932014 54223 PM

Life is a real bitch sometimes. And if you have a real bitch and she needs a bath you can take her over to UShampooch. Which is a dog grooming place but also a place where you can wash your dog yourself.  Some of you might be thinking, pfft? I can wash my own dog in the tub or sink at home for free.  Good for you bitches. I’m not feeling that. Especially because when water touches Buffy the Vampire Slayer she goes berserk. I like the convenience of an industrial sink and plastic murder aprons that keep me mostly dry as the Slayer tries to escape, but cannot because she is tethered to the wall.IMG_2504.JPG



But after she’s all clean she gets to put on her favorite cowgurl hat! It was a great day for Buffy and now she smells soooo good. Not like a Frito, which is weird because we do not feed her Fritos.

You are a bitch for making me wear this hat. Even though I'm F%^$ adorable.

You are a bitch for making me wear this hat. Even though I’m F%^$ adorable.

*What would our friends at King Jewpers say if they knew? What would our own Jewish friends and relatives think? What was my  husband thinking  with his part Ashkenazi Jewish self?  I GET IT, it’s about the banality of the banality of the  banality of evil, but it’s still a swastika hanging out in the guest room. Sigh, at least it’s not in the living room, like in Oakland. Of course, people loved it there, but that was Oakland. And this is Denver, bitch.**






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