What you know about a DAM Powwow in Denver, bitch?

Know what’s cool about Denver? Shit just be poppin’ off on the street sometimes, giving you a surprise. And not  a bunch of bums-screaming- in- your -face kind of surprise like some other places I have lived  but a nice surprise.  On Saturday we tried to go to some sort international festival somewhere near Civic Center Park

Denver's Civic Center Park

Denver’s Civic Center Park

but due to a delay in leaving the house that involved eating a bunch of bagels and a stop at The Spire for a tour, we missed it.   (Husband wanted to show me what the condos downtown have to offer.) Supposedly they are only putting up rentals downtown and not building any more condos and we happen to have a condo down there that we rent out, so were curious about the competition. Fuckin’ pricey man, but a baller shot caller could get one. Or someone that sells their house in California. Anyway,  we saw  what looked like a street festival by the Denver Art Museum  that we thought was the international festival but it wasn’t.



It was the annual Friendship Powwow.

23rd Annual Friendship Powwow, you missed it this year, but you won't next year. I will remind you.

25th Annual Friendship Powwow, you missed it this year, but you won’t next year. I will remind you.

The dance contest was tight. The announcer was like, these dudes be kickin’ it old school. Like precolonial old school.





The Prettiest.

I’m part Native American.  I took that 23 and Me test(before they stopped doing the health part so I got genetic markers for ALL the diseases, which is GREAT information for a hypochondriac) and it gave me 3% Native American, so I guess that doesn’t really count, but it could explain my deep love of Adam Beach.

He’s so Beautiful and I tell him Everyday. Image: Starpulse.com

Anyway, these lady dancers were beautiful and getting it done 

Then we realized it was free day at the Denver Art Museum and we were like hellz yes let’s go see some free awesome art. There are some sweet exhibits going on right now check it. Promise me you will go if you live in Denver or are rolling up for a visit.  I’m not kidding. Shit is POPPING off. You will get that joke if you go to the museum. Which I am strongly encouraging. The Daniel Sprick’s are the shiznit and there are other amazing things happening there that will make you say DAMN, DAM.

Daniel Sprick, Ketsia, 2013. Oil on board; 20 x 24 in. © 2014 Daniel Sprick. Courtesy of private collection. Photograph by Wes Magyar and WM Artist Services. Image Credit

On the way home we stopped at our old Caribbean Bakery on Colfax. My husband’s daddy is currently visiting us from Florida with his girlfriend and just by coincidence he had stopped by the bakery the same day unbeknownst to us. Lance(the owner) was all, “Long time no see, just saw your dad too!” Before I met Husband I actually lived down the street from this little pocket of deliciousness and had chopped it up a time or two with old Lance and it was also one of the first places my husband took me on a date.  We had a nice catch up and ordered some food to go, because Buffy the Vampire Slayer was awaiting our return.

It's not super nice inside but the food is good and the proprietor is a doll.

It’s not super nice inside but the food is good and the proprietor is a doll.


Beef Roti. It’s F%&^% delicious.


Curried Goat with rice and peas. Little bones, big flavor.

When we got home we ate it all up. Nice afternoon. Denver is nice and even though I am always bitching about its lack of diversity it has two places to get Jamaican food,  and American Indians getting down in front of the art museum  that was free and it wasn’t mobbed and horrible. Husband was all, if this were China and it was free, people would be sticking together shoulder to shoulder covered in sweat and there would be no air to breathe. But I don’t know, I’ve never been to China(except a brief stop in Hong Kong that Husband says, “Doesn’t count.” Just like my Native American ancestry. Anyway,  take your ass over to the Denver Art Museum, then go get a patty and try the beef roti. Trust. Bitches.






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