Fine, I’ll Try Your So Called Pizza

I have long since given up eating dairy but lately I’ve just been like, fuck it. Who cares if I’m in gastric distress? So after an intense free consult from a dog training company (Buffy is bad and we have realized we need serious help) we were like, shit lets get some pizza. I don’t mess with pizza outside of the greater NY area. And I don’t usually eat dairy products but sometimes I can’t resist.

Husband and I once had a serious fight about Denver’s lack of good pizza pie. We actually brought another person into the argument by phone, one of Husband’s friends from the Bronx. It got very heated. But they insisted I had to try Original Pizza which is in Broomfield.


So we drove out there and ordered this belly acher

And it was okay. But not all that. Husband kind of freaked after all the hubbub and made me promise to go again at lunch time when they do the slices. He swears, it is so much better. I’m all, I told you-you can’t get good pizza outside of NY, just fucking give up already. It’s the water.
Me: Whatever. (Followed by a smirky face and pointed glance at the “pizza”. )
Got your empirical evidence right here. (I didn’t actually say that but feel like it would be awesome if I did) but Husband probably would have been all,


So this morning, Husband was all, Before you post your mean review,  JUST TRY ONE BITE OF IT COLD. PLEASE. So I took a probiotic and a few bites.


And…I still think it’s the water. But you be the judge bitches. Go give it a try and report back to me. Then I might go for a slice.


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