I loved Outlander LONG Before You, Jezehuffpo

Spoiler Alert: This post has nothing to do with Denver, except for a shout out to the Tattered Cover at the end for being a sweet bookstore.

I woke up this morning and began my customary Facebook scroll as I know so many of us are wont to do, and of course when I see an article about Outlander like this one I’m like, ooooh, Outlander in the nude, I mean in the news.

First of all, if you are reading this it is only for two reasons, 1. You are my mother 2. You LURVE Diana Gabaldon’s epic novels of her beloved bestselling Outlander series and are always longing for a sense of community because none of your hipster friends have ever read these wonderful books.

I know hella  old ladies that love Outlander, but I don’t think I have one contemporary friend that has ever read these outstanding books(I hope by sharing this I discover some). Even my old timey bestie Yella, only read the first one back in in 1995, she loved it because she loved/loves romance novels. We were both deep into Jude Devereaux back in high school and I can bravely admit that sometimes when I see a Jude cover, I get very nostalgic, and long to re-read, but in the past I have given in to that impulse and… while the old characters are familiar and such, they are um, not so good. Sorry Jude, high school me will love you FOREVER.

Anyway Yella for inexplicable reasons did not continue to read the Outlander books, and ironically neither did I, at least not right away. It was the summer of 2001, I was working at a summer camp near Boston and on a day off I popped into a bookstore and saw, a copy of Dragonfly in Amber and the cover said it was an Outlander book, and I suddenly remembered Outlander from high school and decided to give it a read. Oh lawdy, did I love it. Then Voyager, Oh Voyager, You are my favorite book of all time. Yup. FAVORITE. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  Then Drums of Autumn be still my beating heart. And as luck would have it The Fiery Cross came out that very same year.  Finally years later, an Echo in the Bone, and lastly and most recently, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. (Diana takes like, five years to write each book. It’s delicious agony) I’ve read all of her other short stories and novels as well such as the Lord John novels but that is a tale for another day.

I’m a lover of books and a Master of Library Sciences, I’m a silly writer and a chatty Cathy. I have questionable taste in films and television(I will watch almost anything and be entertained much to Husband’s despair). But believe me when I tell you, these books are fantastic. And fuck you bitches, if you disagree. WHOA, that was harsh, Denverbitch! Sorry.  It’s just that the books are soooooooooooooo good and all the articles about the show are like, Oh Jiminy Crickets! Claire get her rocks off and doesn’t wear panties cuz this is feminist sex scenes on TV ! Finally boobs are in the background and young man rump is in the foreground! And they have a point, I will give them that, I was way bummed when Khal Drogo was no longer part of my viewing pleasure. But I digress.

I love the show, I think it is a fantastic adaptation thus far. It’s only a little annoying to me that Claire’s eyes are blue not whiskey/sherry colored, and that Dougal and Colum are old as fuck looking, but other than that, mama has NO complaints. But Starz has split up the series into blocks of 8 and the mid-season finale was a couple of weeks ago. And I miss it so.  I guess this rando rant, is just about wanting people to read her books. They are really well written and they are not heaving bosom romance novels, they are just awesome awesome novels that will transport your ass to another time and take you on adventure, they way books did when we wuz kids.  So go forth and read my people, READ!

And of course as promised, The Tattered Cover is one damn fine independent bookstore that stands up for the rights its patrons in the face of the Patriot Act. You can find it downtown and on Colfax with a couple of satellite stores http://www.tatteredcover.com/locations-hours.

I wanted to finish up this post with an original piece of art from my talented brother,  I was like make me some Outlander fan art like this:

outlander fanfart

Outlander Fan Art Flickr

But this is what I got.

original art by mcdavid henderson who perhaps did not take me seriously.

original art by my bro who perhaps did not take me seriously.

Sigh. Anyway, go read a muthafu&^@  book.



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