Idaho( NO YOU DA’ HO!) Springs, Colorado & Rosenberg’s Bagels

Husband and I wanted to do a romantic getaway but started thinking about things like money and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Buffy Really Wanted Control of the Remote

Buffy Really Wanted Control of the Remote

So instead of driving far away and spending a bunch of money on a fancy hotel we booked ourselves a sweet deal in Idaho Springs which is only like 35 miles from Denver. I think people might think it’s crappy, but you know what? It’s not. We got an off season fall deal and we stayed at the decidedly un-fancy Argo Inn, but they allow pets.

Argo Inn

Argo Inn

A nd have some awesome sculptures like this-

I can't bear it!

I can’t bear it!

Pets & Wifil, what more do you need?

Pets & Wifi, what more do you need?

The room was clean with only a whiff of doggyness that prompted Buffy to take a little whiz on the corner of the bed upon entry, much to our horror. But she settled right in, if by settling right in means she barked like crazy, tried to escape, and ate our bagels that we brought for our special breakfast (before we headed out for our mini vacation we decided to hit up the much lauded new supposed New York style bagel joint, Rosenberg’slocated in Denver’s historically black neighborhood, Five Points).  

Husband has been trying to get me to go there for awhile now, but since I like The Bagel Store, and I hate trendy hipster places where I have to wait in line forever (I don’t miss that about living in Oakland)I was always like, Whatever man, not going. The bagels were delicious and tasted like bagels, but I made the mistake of ordering their tofu cream cheese and it was sweet and nasty and ruined my 12$ lox.

Nasty Ass Tofu Cream Cheese Jackin' up my lox

Nasty Ass Tofu Cream Cheese Jackin’ Up My Lox

 After Buffy ate the bagels, we made sure everything was locked up except I forgot to zip up my purse when we left the room so then she  ate my small stash of almonds and nut thin crackers which we think made her ill. Oh Buffy,  you so crazy.

Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime Those are Crumbs all over the floor.

Anyway, even though the Argo Inn isn’t fancy, our room did have a little balcony overlooking the river and due to the nice warm weather we had last week, we were able to sit out on it and listen to the rushing river sippin’ on some Guinness.

River View Argo Inn

River View Argo Inn

Then we ate some tasty wings and sliders at Smokin’ Yards a BBQ joint with a large outdoor patio.

Buffy outside the Patio at Smokin Yards, no dog allowed on the patio due to a lady grooming her dog there once and fur flew in everyone's food.

Buffy outside the Patio at Smokin Yards, no dogs allowed on the patio due to a lady grooming her dog there once and fur flew in everyone’s food.

(package gave us a coupon for 15% off)  before heading over to the Indian Hot Springs, for our free soak in the Caves that came with our hotel room. No pictures from the Caves because clothing is optional, much to my delight(I’m a secret nudist ha ha not a secret!). There is a men’s side and a women’s side and when I first got in there, I was like, oh this is nasty.

It’s all dark and cavey and the pools look ominous and frightening and there’s old pipes everywhere, but that’s natural hot springs for ya. And they were HOT. I could only go in two of the four pools, the one in the back was like, straight up lava. But after getting over my initial eewww, I soaked and relaxed and it felt awesome on my muscles and made the pain of my ingrown toenail go away. Truly healing.

They also have a great little indoor swimming pool surrounded by tropical plants fed by the springs  that is a comfortable 96 degrees.  For dinner we used our 25 dollar food voucher(package!) at Hilldaddy’s Wildfire Restaurant(no website just go there, that’s what we did) We both got steaks, the mashed potatoes were delicious, and the service was exceptional since we were only one of two parties. I found the gaze of the mounted deer heads on the wall disconcerting but after two heavy pours of the house Cabernet, I started staring back. Then I wondered why they had a Christmas tree up, but didn’t ask. I think it’s up all year round.

The next day we got massages(20 dollars off each, the package again!) we were supposed to also have a private bath(included in our package),but Husband got in and was like, Fuck this, too hot so we went to the pool instead. Then we strolled into downtown

Downtown Idaho Springs

Downtown Idaho(No, You da ho!) Springs

for the best happy hour ever at Flipper McGill’s Pinball Parlour & Vintage ArcadeWe drank a bunch of Fireball Whiskey that they had on tap

Fireball On Tap

Fireball On Tap? What’s up with that?

Romance at the Pinball Parlour

Romance at the Pinball Parlour

and played all the pinball machines, including Bride of Pinbot, where you have to get the ball in this sexy robot ladies mouth. Which I did, much to Husband’s surprise. I suck at pinball and just press the flippers the whole time.

For dinner we used our other 25 dollar off coupon at Beau Jo’s Pizza for some famous Colorado Mountain Pie.

Mountain Pie sounds like Poo.

Mountain Pie sounds like Poo.

I figured it would be gross(doesn’t that sound gross? Mountain pie? Like a pile of dung, right?) but I knew it wasn’t going to be NY Pizza so I braced myself. I avoid dairy in general but will make an exception in times of need, and I wasn’t looking forward to gastric distress for some nasty ass pizza in the mountains. But to my surprise and delight they had vegan cheese as an option.  I was skeptical,

I don't know about this mountain pie shit.

I don’t know about this mountain pie shit.

And grew more skeptical when the pizza arrived.

Vegan Cheese Mountain Pie

Vegan Cheese Mountain Pie What’s up with that Fat Crust?

But then I ate it and it was pretty good, I even put honey on the crust  as I was instructed by Husband, who insisted I try it, like really insisted, wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Honey on the crust is a Must .

Honey on the crust is a Must .

It was good and I felt like a fat fat water rat after eating it.

Fat Fat Water Rat

Fat Fat Water Rat

We did not get the salad bar which was in this awesome bathtub,

Germy Salad Bar, looks cool though

Germy Salad Bar, looks cool though.

because I hate salad bars, everyone touching the tongs makes me ill. Beau Jo’s was pretty good I guess, and I liked the decor. Like this miner 49er looking for his Clementine.

Oh my darling?

Oh my darling?

We were really pleased with our experience and Husband didn’t mind that I kept saying Idaho, NO YOU DA HO! like a 1000 times. Because Idaho Springs is so close we were home by 11am. So I made Husband go back to Rosenberg’s because we had purchased their house smoked Scottish Salmon to go with our bagels, but as mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer killed that plan and this time I had it at home with a light schmear of their caviar cream cheese(WORTH GASTRIC DISTRESS)

Rosenberg's House Smoked Salmon

Rosenberg’s House Smoked Salmon

and it was delicious bitches.




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