Adorable Coffee Shop Alert!

Coffee shops are still a delight to me even in my pregnant decaffeinated  state because well, there are usually pastries involved. Today Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Husband and I found ourselves without a place to go because we are selling our home before baby comes and we were banished for an Open House. After a trip to Wash Park during which Buffy barked at big dogs and I nearly peed my pants we established that we needed to go somewhere outside where I could also frequent the bathroom as much as a pregnant bitch needs to- which is a lot. We met our favorite neurologist who lives in the neighborhood at The Whittier Cafe located at 1710 E. 25th Ave. Denver CO 80205. Charming! And a nice diverse environment which everyone who knows me knows I bitch about the lack of Diversity in Denver on the reg. Buffy was welcome. Till’ she kind of lost her shit when this perfectly nice service dog rolled up and she went, um crazy. But still, it was good while it lasted.

And bonus- every Sunday at 2:00 they have a communal coffee ceremony and hook everybody(except me cuz’ I’m off caffeine) with Ethiopian espresso!

And also popcorn!

A lovely place, staffed with lovely people with delicious coffee and treats. Do yourself a favor and stop by soon, bitches.


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