My Social Book is What’s Up

One of my friends told us that she had ordered “That book that prints out all your Facebook statuses.” She laughed when she said it but followed up with “It’s such a great artifact!” And I was intrigued. So I looked at their website and I was like, oh damn-I gotta have it. It is a great artifact! And then I thought, what a wonderful thing to have in case I die in childbirth. My son will be able to see what I wasted the years 2008-2015 doing on the interwebs! It also chronicles my relationship with Husband, from our first dates to moving to California together to our wedding to getting pregnant with him…so not a total waste of time.

Yes. I ordered three of them. Because I wanted all the years and all the hair styles. I love all the pictures and stupid things I wrote. When I was a teenager I loved looking at my mom’s old pictures and yearbooks- My Social Book is like that- but on steroids.

And it feels way different and more awesome flipping through it than scrolling through Facebook.

I feel kinda morbid thinking of things I would want my son to have if I die when he’s young, but I’m an old mom- odds are I will die before he has his own family(if he chooses to do so) and I hope his kid would want to know that Grandma was a real crazy bitch.


One thought on “My Social Book is What’s Up

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