Weed is Legal in Colorado and the PSA’s are Totally Excellent!

Colorado’s legalization of recreational marijuana has been a boon to the economy and stoners couldn’t be happier.  If I weren’t pregnant I would probably be enjoying the legal status and hitting up all the dispensaries and smoking a bong like a champ and posting my pictures to colorado stoner girls. But I’m knocked up so, whatever, I just watch t.v. like a stoner and get treated to these totally excellent PSA’s that are funny while also reminding you that driving high will get you a DUI. So have fun bitches who are not pregnant and can enjoy ganja! Just make sure you have everything you need at home! Cuz you really shouldn’t be driving stoned. 

hahahahah that one’s my favorite. But this one is pretty good too. 

and of course this bro isn’t serving up his meat to this classic Colorado bitch.


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