Motherhood: Week 3 Sucking Slightly Less

Things have improved slightly. I will still go on record that having a newborn baby sucks and if you are on the fence about having a baby- DON’T DO IT. I will continue to place warnings on having a baby until I honestly feel otherwise, if this bothers you- too bad, bitch.

Red Rasta on day 4 of life.  So peaceful. So precious. But also deadly.

Red Rasta on day 4 of life. So peaceful. So precious. But also deadly.

Red Rasta has now made his way back to his original birth weight plus five ounces thanks be to formula. I’m still nursing and pumping but we have to supplement my milk to get him to thrive. A friend of mine gave me advice to submit to this new life, and I submit; we had to give him formula because that triple feed shit was gonna put me in the grave and then my baby would have no mom and only a memory of her from her printed out Facebook statuses. We also spent considerable dough on a night nanny from Maternal Instincts for three nights this week so that Husband can get some rest in order to work so we can continue to live in our house. Shout out to everyone who gave us gift certificates for Maternal Instincts, sorry their system is so whack and they kept bothering you for pay pal receipts, but if anyone reading this wants to donate to our sanity and health feel free, here’s a link to Maternal Instincts gift certificates, it’s at the bottom of their page.

I was having the night nanny bring me the baby to nurse, then having her give him formula to supplement, Red Rasta’s pediatrician put a stop to that after handing me tissues for all the crying I was doing in the office. He advised us to let the night nanny give him formula and that I sleep and only pump if I woke up uncomfortable. So last night I slept for like 5 hours! I’ve always been an insomniac so falling asleep is hard for me even under ideal conditions let alone some possible postpartum depression induced insomnia. But today I feel not so shitty!

I woke up with full milk jugs and pumped enough for two supplemental feedings. Then I ate a trough of steel cut oats I made in the slow cooker overnight and here it comes- I put the baby in the stroller and I walked all the way to the library and returned my copy of Let’s Panic About Babies which is hilarious btw. Then on my way home I ran into a nice granny out for a walk with her 19 month old granddaughter. And she was so glad that I let her know the library was closed she accompanied me home and talked to me the whole time! Then she invited us to storytime on Friday at the library to hang out with the other new mom on the block who has a one month old. At first I thought, I doubt I can make it but then I remembered we are having the night nanny again on Thursday night, so there is a real chance I could be rested enough to go! And that’s what’s up bitches. Red Rasta is mewling in his rock and play.  Ee must have a wet diaper. Later.


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