Motherhood Weeks 10-12: Traveling and Desperately Seeking Friends

Holy Shit. We took the Red Rasta on a plane to New York to visit my family. And I have to say even though I am  not “better” from my PPD I was way impressed with my baby’s traveling skills. He must have gotten that from me. As soon as we boarded the plane he dropped a huge load before take off, allowing Husband to change his diaper before we took to the air. Then we fed him during take off and he simply went to sleep on Husband’s lap. We even got to watch a couple of Amy Schumer(I’m in love with her, so what?) episodes on my phone. When we got to the craphole that is LaGuardia airport he appropriately took another shit. WTF is up with that airport? It’s the worst. It’s so embarrassing for NY.


The week with family and friends was wonderful. Red Rasta impressed everyone by being charming and beautiful.

 Because he’s bottle fed, anyone who wanted to feed him got a chance and I got a break.

Red Rasta gets a bottle from his blonde auntie.

And it was great to be in a house full of people that wanted to hold my baby and take care of him while I drank wine in between pumping sessions(yeah that is still going on but I’m weaning myself off the pump even though I feel incredibly guilty about it). It was also great to have my husband around all day to take care of him and to feed him in the wee hours of the morning without having to worry about how he would hold up at work.

 RANT: Both parents should be able to stay home with their babies for like at least six months. Then maybe moms wouldn’t get so fucked up if they had their husbands to help them all day instead of spending 8-10 hours alone with an infant. Shit is not natural.

I still don’t think this motherhood thing is all it’s cracked up to be, but it is getting a little better especially now that he’s sleeping more at night. I fear it is a fluke but the past two nights he has slept for 7 hours straight. Honestly, Red Rasta is a great baby.  But I think I’m just not a baby person. Babies are boring yo, sorry but come on, they don’t do anything. It’s all crappy diapers and spit up and fussiness.  I can’t wait till he’s big enough to talk and fetch things for me, like my parents made us do.

Last night, I went out with this moms group I joined and it was really nice to get out of the house at night. I was early so I sat at the bar and drank a glass of prosecco and I can’t lie, IT FELT AWESOME. Especially since the mom’s night out was at Hamburger Mary’s, Denver’s best(and only I think) drag queen bar. I was so pleased that was the venue because I was worried all the moms would be lame and conservative. But they weren’t! I’m looking forward to making some mommy friends.

This blurry Queen lives in Stapleton.

This blurry Queen lives in Stapleton.

I also rejoined my gym yesterday and I can’t wait to go this weekend. Oh gross- as I type this with my thumb while Red Rasta sits on my lap he has filled up his diaper with poop.It’s back to stank town.  Later bitches.


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