Cheapest Best Massage In Denver

I love getting massages but really, who doesn’t? I only got one massage while I was pregnant, a lovely gift from Husband. But I got all Jadafied after seeing a video where she talks about how hard it is being a mom you can read about that here and I decided to put my money where my mouth is and get a foot massage. My rheumatologist thinks I gots the plantar fasciitis cuz my dogs be barking so I thought a foot massage would be the ticket. I yelped around and found Vitality 333 S Federal Blvd, Ste 203, Denver, CO 80219 (303) 935-9337 (this place so legit it doesn’t have a website for me to link to) 30 bucks for 30 minutes on the feet and 30 minutes on your back.   It’s not fancy like going to the spa. It’s a room with several chairs for the foot massage and massage tables for the body rocker.  Totally reminded me of a Thai massage parlour  I went to in Bangkok. If you don’t like a hard massage that feels like a foam roller on your tight butt muscles you will not enjoy the experience. But I just love a deep massage, I like it to hurt a little, in a good way y’know?  I loved the foot massage and the back massage and felt like the girl was doing some real Reflexology. I felt great after, so great that I got a sitter for the Red Rasta three days later and it hit it up again!It’s so affordable I couldn’t resist. Also it is located in the Far East Center and there are some very delicious restaurants and bakeries for when you’re done. Mmmm Sesame Bean Bun. The second time I went when I got there they sent me over  to their other”location” which is still in the top floor of the Far East Center(so wheelchair users need not apply) it was smaller  but same basic set up. Only this time the lady gave me a frequent user card so I can get my 9th massage free! I highly recommend this joint if you want some relief on your…joints. If you go, tell them Denverbitch sent you! Ha ha just kidding, nobody speaks English.


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