Flowers Over Guns

It’s not a secret that the U.S. has a serious gun control problem. Americans love guns and damn anyone who tries to take them away. It’s also not a secret that America is in fact, in danger.


Whoopi Never Lies

Our political situation is terrifying. We have terrible poverty, our education system is clearly failing as most of the country is dumb as hell. The post apocalyptic future of a bunch of idiotic fatties just watching crappy t.v. shows (where people exclusively  get hit  in the balls)envisioned by the creators of Idiocracy, has come to pass.

giphy (1)

The future is now.

 As the late great Jane Jacobs said, we’ve got a “Dark Age Ahead.” Well dear reader, I don’t want that for the Red Rasta(who’s hair has lightened and now he’s more of a blondie bear but still, he’s a bit gingery).  I want him to grow up in a world where he walks around, unafraid of guns. But how on earth can I make a difference? Sure I vote, but I’m sure many of the parents in Newtown voted too. I’m sure those parents that dropped their kids off at the movies in Aurora, only to have them never come home again, voted. Things are bad, and I swear I have never felt so much fear in my life as I feel when I think about what our country might be like down the road.

The future suddenly feels much more important to me now that I have a kid. I haven’t been having the greatest motherhood experience but I love the Red Rasta, I want him to have nothing but a life of joy with no pain ever. I know that is not realistic but I also know you can do small things and they can make a big difference. Most of us have at least one thing from one of our parents that we hang on to, something they said or did that has shaped our lives. My mother who recently passed away didn’t have many rules. But we weren’t allowed to have any toy guns. Not even water guns. She hated them and didn’t think they were appropriate toys for children.

Our children are exposed to so much violence; either in their communities or they are seeing violent images on television, movies and video games. Not to be all “Clueless” and I’m not saying that we should stop including violence in films, but I do think we should be more mindful about what images we are putting out into the world.  This is Nisa.


Aren’t you just bowled over by that hair?

I’ve known her for a very long time, since we were our mother’s little girls.

On the docks

Her mom and my mom were very close when we were younger and stayed friends until my mother recently passed away. 

fran and mom

My father(left) Nisa’s Mom (middle) My mom (right)

Neither one of us were allowed to play with guns, but now we are the mothers.


The Red Rasta & Me


Nisa’s Family

We have to make choices about what we will teach our children. Nisa decided to teach her children that the world can be a beautiful place and that it should be a more peaceful place. She’s raising little pacifists. They inspired her to start  #FlowersOverGuns, an art project she does with her kids and her friends in LA where they cover up images of guns with flowers. The project got started last month after Nisa noticed her children looking scared at a promotional poster for the new Jason Bourne movie. The poster features Matt Damon pointing a gun menacingly. It made the mother of two decide she needed to do something. 

FullSizeRender (2)

#FlowersOverGuns Venice Beach

I think this is such a beautiful simple exercise in mindfulness for children. It proves to mothers that we can do something, even if that something is just showing our children they have a voice. They can speak out when they think things are wrong and they can stand up for their beliefs. My mother always told me to “Question authority.” This has caused me some trouble in life but you know how the saying goes, “Well behaved women seldom make history”-Pulitzer Prize winning historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Sometimes we have to rock the boat gently, with flowers. So get out there and put up some flowers, take a picture, post it on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter with the #FlowersOverGuns. Let’s talk more about peace than guns. Let’s talk about love more than hate and that is what will make America great. USA! USA! USA! And get registered to vote for f&@#^# sake. And vote for Hillary even if you’re not crazy about her, because we can’t have Trump as our president if we want a beautiful world for our children. Seriously. Bitches.


For more information or to donate to #FlowersOverGuns please visit the campaign’s site. 


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