Piano Lesson 1

Sooo…. being a mom and working full time still not getting it done 100% . I decided to nurture more of my creativity by learning piano. I hollered at my boy. “How much you charge for adult piano lessons? The adult is me.” Obviously I’m cool as hell so he was like,”For you? I’ll do it for dirty martinis.” Of course I was like, “Let’s get that shit on the calendar.” And so today we had our first lesson. V. came over and I made him a cocktail. Okay actually he made the cocktail I just showed him a video of the cocktail http://www.rumchata.com/recipe/baby-stout and then he whipped it up. 

Then he evaluated my learning and determined that judging by my personality, I just wanted to get drunk and then bang out a few songs at parties. What an intuitive instructor! Taught me some scales then made me another cocktail and I was mmmmhmmm! See you next week! 

If you would like an adorable gay red headed piano teacher that will come to your home and make you cocktails I know a guy. 


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