Mawwiage Is What Brings Us Together…

A wise,short and fictional clergyman once called it “that bwessed awangment that dweam within a dweam”.

giphy (1)

Husband and I get along like a house on fire (although I think  sometimes we want to burn each other down, but not really, but maybe a little, you feel me right?). We  are there for each other through the trials and tribulations of adulting and raising a tiny human.

But sometimes our house doesn’t run smoothly. Sometimes we could really use that dude from Downton Abbey, Carson. And Mrs. Hughes too. And definetly Mrs. Patmore. giphy (2)

Our kitchen gets messy and no one makes dinner because we both work full time and we’re soooooo tired. We want to be healthy and feed the Red Rasta organic unprocessed foods (I know he’s blonde now but he’ll aways be my lil’ Red Rasta). I buy a bunch of fruits and vegetables and feel really superior in the check out line but as they rot away in the fridge and on our counter top, my sense of superiority fades and I’m left with the reality that we waste way too much food.  But I bet you throw that shit out on the reg too. You’re like dammit, these $1,400 raspberries from Whole Foods, done grown mold on the way home from the store.  Then somebody yells at you,giphy (3)


Anyway, if you’re a modern parent you know that you have aspirations when it comes to food but you end up feeding your kid fish sticks and hot dogs and sugar just like everybody else. You’re not perfect and if you are, I’m not even trying to be your friend right now, but I digress, I’m just saying working and having a kid and other every day stuff is like, hard.

But I’m down to practice some gratitude and I feel really lucky to have found a dude that I can be like, “Hey man, I threw that melon out, it was rotten. You know I won’t eat it unless you cut it up for me.” And he replies very sincerely,

“I know, I’m sorry. You’re like a princess, and I’m like a lazy squire and together we get nothing done.”

giphy (4)

Romance is alive and well in this house, bitch.


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