Let Us Conversate 

I’ve been running around like mad. Pardon my neglect dear 3 readers.  Between work, the Red Rasta,  Husband and the straight up mental burden of being a wife and mother. I also took the time to write another book.

And I’m doing community theater, you may come see me give a rousing performance as Ziggy the Vulture in The Jungle Book running July 27-29th in Stapleton, admission FREE!

Oh and I started making a film. I saw this movie about mixed race people and I did not like it. In fact, I’m not even trying to spread that right wing propaganda flick, so I’m not going to tell you its name, unless you really want to know, then just ask me, I’ll tell you.

The one good thing about it was that it gave me some perspective. Now I know how conservatives feel watching a Michael Moore film.  My eyes just kept getting wider and wider.

giphy (5)

Then I was like, I’m about to make my own damn movie.There’s not enough mixed people represented in the media.  I was so pissed when Light Girls came on Oprah and people were like, “Why do you have all these mixed girls? They’re not really black.” I really loved the character  Lynn from girlfriends. I remember thinking sweet! At last I’m represented. Tattoos and all.

So let’s get to talking, I’m working on a kickstarter about being mixed…I’m feeling like it’s time we put all the damn race cards on the table. No more tiptoeing. A woman came into my library and complained about our signage, said they made her feel upset. She was talking about the safe space for LGBTQ community sign we have on our door. safe-haven-city-5pkg_frame_176

And a sign I made that says the library is a safe  and welcoming place for all people in various languages. She said it made it seem like the world outside was scary and that the library was safe.  I could not speak, for I was in my place of work. But I wanted to say, THE WORLD IS A SCARY PLACE FOR MANY PEOPLE! That’s why we felt the need to post signs proclaiming our desire to serve all the people of Denver!

I hated that moment. I hated my silence. So let’s not be silent anymore. Let’s unpack and unpack and unpack until there is nothing left to hold us back as a nation.

Why are we living tribal, when we could  be pushing towards global? All this dictatorship authoritarianism all over the world is a sign people. We need to get to work. Planet is heating up. Despots trying to blow us all up.  Some of y’all about to be underwater and like Sookie (the Negro maid in “Cat on A Hot Tin Roof”) once said, “Storm! Storm’s a-comin’!” (When I played that role in college,  I remember thinking that the dude who played my husband would absolutely NOT BE my husband if we were casting by race. He was white.  And Big Mama? She was played by a mixed girl and they put whiteface on her. I shit you not. I don’t know how she really felt about that, but I think she was just so glad to have such a major role, that’s why she let them do it. But I sure as fuck didn’t like it. I also didn’t like when they cut my awesome finger wave hairstyle because it took too long to do.)

I don’t know, maybe I am insane, maybe I do think too much about race. But look at the world…terrible things are happening all the time. We have to do something and we can start with making our country a better place to live for ALL people. You feel me bitches? Now give me all your spare change. Peep my project.

Any posts pertaining to the Denver Public Library are the author’s own thoughts and opinions and do not necessarily represent Library positions, strategies or opinions.




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